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Lana Cantrell - Lana! (Lossless, Hi Res 1968/2018)

Pop  Vocals
Date: 11 july 2018
Added: StasOn11
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  • ARTIST: Lana Cantrell
  • ALBUM / TITLE: Lana!
  • RELEASE YEAR / DATE: 1968/2018
  • STYLE: Pop, Vocal, Oldies
  • LABEL: RCA / Legacy
  • DURATION: 00:34:06
  • FILE FORMAT: FLAC, (tracks) 24 bits, 192 KHz
  • QUALITY: Lossless

  • RATING: 10 / 4    
  • VOTE:


Torrent description

01. The Sound Of Silence (3:41)
02. How Can I Be Sure (3:12)
03. Baby, Now That I've Found You (2:34)
04. Honey (3:41)
05. The Fool On The Hill (2:50)
06. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (3:31)
07. Gentle On My Mind (3:36)
08. For Me (3:00)
09. Workin' On A Groovy Thing (2:35)
10. Mine (Is A Quiet Love) (2:19)
11. The Music Played (Was Ich Dir Sagen Will) (3:06)

Источник (релизер): papa1954

It is hard to know, upon again experiencing a sweet and long lost pleasure of youth, how much of our delight is caught in the lure of nostalgia, and what is genuinely spectacular about the artist that caused one to keep the flames of affectionate memory burning protectively throughout these so many years. With Lana, I have no doubts that it is the latter. She was always an extraordinary chanteuse, with exquisite taste in choosing the finest lyrics, arrangements, and high thoughts. Even minor musical works, once blessed and anointed by the talents of Ms. Cantrell, got the magic, and became bigger than life gems in the expansive universe of her heavenly repertoire, and fast favorites with her fanatical following.

Lana had IT the rare ability to reach out beyond the stage, the 60's mostly black and white television screens, and the vinyl grooves of her albums, and individually touch her fans. Everyone who followed Lana felt they had a personal relationship with her, that they knew her, cared about her, and hung on her every appearance. With Lana, it was a long distance love affair with a stranger, but you wouldn't have missed it for anything else in the world.

What a truly special person and performer. If you were a Cantrell fanatic, you remember her sweeping finishes, arms outstretched, the slight upsweep of the head flipping back her mod haircut, the little girl who could move between glamorous, sexy vamp, and upbeat child of the 60's, in the interval of a couple of songs.

If you can listen to "Two for the Road" on this amazing collection of ballads without feeling an impossible mixture of inspiration and sadness, I'm sorry, you just don't get it. If it doesn't make you stop whatever you are doing and just SIT and LISTEN, surrendering completely and attentively to the powerful seduction of the Lana persona, you've truly missed something rare, precious, and beautiful.
The fact that this room in the pantheon of show business had to close is a sad comment on what we as a culture have lost. At least, though, we have these immortalized recordings, a tantalizing taste of what once was, in a much, much better place in music and time.

Lana, wherever you be today, love, thank you, thank you, thank you. For sharing your gifts and inspirational talent with the world, for making it all so much more worthwhile, and for the wonderful, incredible memories.

Comments (2)

12 july 2018

Citation:  слэйк
Благодарю за Лану..Хорошее исполнение и за качество...

11 july 2018

Благодарю за Лану..Хорошее исполнение и за качество...


  • Lana Cantrell - Lana! (Lossless, Hi Res 1968/2018)
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